We are a highly successful engineering company with long-term projects for multinational companies. The team includes experienced local engineers, who bring international design experience and utilise effective validation processes.

Our company was established in late 2006 and has successfully completed projects in Australia, as well as internationally. Through the years of engineering management, consultancy and engineering design services for the commercial and residential building-industry, these are some of the projects we worked on:

  • A multi-billion dollar project in Dubai, United Emirates. This included the Dubai Pearl and The Ocean Heights which are high-rise offices, seven-star residential and commercial hotel apartments, with first class-retail shopping centres and restaurants
  • The Peninsula Hotel and St. Regis Hotel Residence in Thailand (complex high-rise first class hotel and the Central Festival Pattaya in Bangkok)

Our business has the ability to perform any multi-disciplinary projects anywhere around Australia for the mining and construction industry. Also, our engineering responsibilities have included design and consultant engineering work in the following areas:

  • Computer Aided Drafting and technical support for all areas of engineering and consultancy services in a global market
  • Special design engineering and consultancy in Nuclear Medicine equipment for Hospitals, Government Organisation of Nuclear Mechanics, Australia-wide, as well as R & D related to medical equipment
  • Nuclear Reactors, and the processing of uranium material
  • Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Systems (water boiler/chiller units, cooling-towers for government and commercial buildings)
  • Modification and Design work on heat, ventilation and ducting systems for domestic and industrial clients

Affiliates:  Engineering Services -- Australia   ⧫   Institute of Refrigeration, Air-conditioning & Heating   ⧫   Green Plumbers Association